Robin Scott
The only thing older in the band than Robin is his dumpster diving guitar.  Robin, former owner of Gilrein's Nightclub, a cornerstone blues venue, blues, has been an integral part of Worcester's Blues Scene for thirty years and worked with such notable artists as Sugar Ray, Pine Top Perkins and James Cotton. 
Mike Barris
A regional favorite "the Barrister of harp" began blowing harp after being blown away by the great Sonny Boy Williamson. From then on, he began his blues harp journey, which has taken him from Mississippi to Chicago to DC. He is inspired by and pays homage to the great blues harp masters, like Big Walter, Little Water, George "Harmonica Smith," James Cotton and Kim Wilson.
Russ Couturier
Russ, a Maine native of the Ragged Mountain Region, receiving his first pair of shoes when he was 16 years old.   The shoes fit and before you know it, he caught the walking blues.  He never looked back and has played bass for the popular  Berwick Street Blues Band and The Rusty Mikes.
Steve Donnelly
Steve-O learned to play the sticks the hard way by first clubbing mobsters at construction sites and transitioning that God given talent to music.   Rough and ready to lay down a beat that only loan sharks could be proud of.  Steve-O has been a staple for the last four decades in the Boston and Worcester Blues scene playing for such notable bands as the Hard Tops, 2 by 4’s, Back Bay Blues, Ocean Boulevard, Motherless Children.